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A CR 12 is an official and legal confirmation or Certificate by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya that contains details of the directors and shareholders of a Company. Kenlan help you start the process of registration until the end. Contact us today.

Kenlan, CR12 Form, registration, update and retrival

A CR 12 Kenya application form Kenya has a business letter addressed to the Registrar of Companies in Kenya. The Business letter provides the name of the company that the CR 12 is sought and the company incorporation number. The letter also requests that the details of charges against the company if any be availed.

The following conditions must be met before getting the CR12 form
1. It should be upon Company registration in Kenya
2. After filing annual Returns
3. Immediately after making any changes in the shareholding of your company
4. After making changes in the directorship of your company
5. After increasing or decreasing share capital of your company

If you are in search of CR12 form or you need it updated or approved, contact Kenlan and we will sort it out.

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